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The mission of the Hellenic Bible Society is to translate, publish and distribute the Holy Bible. A firm policy of the Society from the very beginning was and still is to cooperate with all Christian denominations (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant) and to serve all Churches. Our publications have the Blessing and Approval of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Holy Synod of the Greek Church and the Patriarchates.

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What is the Bible

The Bible is not only the work of man and divinity, as it is not an office product, fruit of theological pursuits of an intellectual person or a priesthood construction, but behind every biblical text is the revelation of God to his people who experienced and kept the tradition of the experience alive.

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The Hellenic Bible Society is involved in programs for free distribution of God’s Word to specific groups (armed forces, the homeless, refugees, e.t.c), in addition to distributing its publications to libraries around the country. Furthermore, the Society has organized in the past academic translation training seminars for young translators who hopefully will gain the necessary knowledge essential to the translation work in our country.


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